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Meet the companies that will change the world

In our quest to foster a sustainable future, we recognize the importance of supporting visionary startups worldwide. These are the companies that dare to think differently about our environmental challenges, offering innovative solutions that have the potential to revolutionize how we approach decarbonization. We support startups and innovators at every stage, from their conceptual ideas to growth stages, providing them with the entire toolbox they need to succeed.

Aether Fuels

Aether Fuels is devloping the next-generation technology aiming to decarbonize “hard-to-abate” industries including aviation and ocean shipping with breakthrough solutions for producing sustainable fuels.



Spun-out from Oxford university, OXCCU is creating novel catalysts and reactor designs that will convert carbon dioxide and hydrogen into hydrocarbons products like SAF, green plastics, and green chemicals.


Ascend Elements

Ascend Elements has created a novel closed loop recycling process, recovering high value battery components for reuse without the need to reprocess raw materials, using advanced particle engineering techniques to manufacture highly engineered precursors for the lithium ion industry.



Pioneer in metal-air technology, turning abundant metals, aluminum and zinc, into clean, safe, affordable energy carriers for long-duration energy backup.



3D battery architecture technology. Using a physics-based approach that is chemistry-agnostic, their rechargeable batteries enhance battery performance capacity, safety, charging time, lifetime, and cost of the batteries.


Zohar Cleantech

Unique decentralized, on-site waste management system that uses thermal gasification to convert trash into energy and an eco-friendly reusable material (Slag) for infrastructure use. Eliminates carbon emissions, need for landfills and urban waste transportation.


Storage Drop

High efficiency, low-cost isothermal compressed air energy storage technology and long-duration energy storage with applications in power generation, air compression and CO2 based chilling for refrigeration options.


Titan AES

Real-time battery cell inspection technology that unlocks actionable intelligence inside batteries to realize better performance, longevity, and safety. Uses ultrasound-based technology that is non-destructive and achieves rapid comprehensive lithium cell diagnostics.


Yotta Energy

Simple, modular, and flexible solar and storage systems for commercial and industrial rooftops. Ecosystem of products include energy storage solution integrated with solar module, utilizing unique thermal management system, dual power inverter, and EV charger.


Type One Energy

Optimized stellarator fusion energy system using advanced manufacturing methods, modern computational physics, and high-field superconducting magnets. T1E is on the way to bring affordable clean and safe energy 24/7/365.


Noon Energy

Ultra-low-cost, long-duration, energy-dense batteries, enabling renewable energy to be available, 24/7, 365 days a year. Noon’s batteries enable multi-day storage, and can deliver a desired amount of power for 100 hours or more.



Innovative and affordable membrane-free green hydrogen electrolyzes. Uses E-TAC (Electrochemical, Thermally Activated Chemical) method for splitting water, a two-step process that is safe, cost-competitive and demonstrates an energy efficiency of over 95%.



Revolutionary perpetual power delivery solution for robotic platforms while they are in motion. CaPow's products allow automated robotic fleets to reach 100% uptime, increasing operational efficiency, while reducing the cost of ownership.


Quino Energy

Based on Harvard novel technology, Quino develops an affordable flow battery that stores electrical energy in organic molecules called quinones, for commercial and grid applications. The batteries are cheap, non-flammable, and use no critical materials.


AM Batteries

Energy-efficient lithium-ion dry-electrode technology manufacturing process that eliminates solvent recovery and electrode drying, which will reduce the energy consumption of a battery plant by 50%, the capital expenditures in electrode manufacturing by 40%, and the plant’s carbon footprint.



A novel method to produce green iron from iron ore, requiring clean energy, without any carbon emissions. Helios technologies can separate oxygen from other metals which can also for manufacturing additional green rare-earth materials.



Manufactures a micro power plant using biogas’ exhaust to double its energy production, makes it a CO2 negative. During peak load times, the system can switch to produce green hydrogen or renewable methane for long-term energy storage.



Verdagy develops innovating water- electrolysis technology for the large-scale production of green hydrogen.


Co-invest with us

Our expertise in the renewable energy sector, combined with a steadfast commitment to innovation, position us at the forefront of identifying and nurturing promising, high-impact startups. We believe that by co-investing alongside us, investors gain access not only to carefully vetted groundbreaking companies but also to an ecosystem thriving at the intersection of technological advancement and environmental sustainability. Our approach is to be a trusted partner and a great “team player” with our co-investors; together, we help the portfolio companies to grow and succeed.

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